Samuel Merritt ABSN Spring 2013

  1. Was looking around and couldn't find a thread for this.
    Has anyone else applied to this program & which campus did you pick for first choice?
    Would love to hear back from fellow applicants
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  3. by   BeezieGoGiants

    I have applied to the ABSN program in Sacramento for Spring 13. I have received notification from the school that my application was received. I have 4 classes left in order to complete my Bachelors in Health Administration with an Emphasis on Management and I have to complete Pathophysiology. Good luck!!
  4. by   NorCalJeanne
    I also applied to Samuel Merritt's ABSN program for the Spring. I'm so excited! I chose Sac as my first choice since that's where I'm from. But I also included San Mateo as my second choice. I have my Bachelors degree in Communication, and I still have Pharm and Patho to take this Fall online. Where else are you applying?
  5. by   MyRoseyCareer
    I've been checking to see if anyone wrote a post yet about this!

    I, too, am looking forward to attending the ABSN program in Spring 2013 at the Sacramento campus. I wish everyone the best in getting in. Are you all living in or near Sacramento now?
  6. by   BeezieGoGiants
    Yes, I currently live in Sacramento but will be moving to Roseville in October. Are you from the Sacramento area? What is your degree in?
  7. by   NishaA
    I also applied for the Spring 2013 with San Mateo as 1st and Sac as 2nd. I have 3 pre-reqs to finish this fall, one of them being Pathophysiology. Is anyone else signed up to take it staring Aug 14 through Samuel Merritt? I got the confirmation email that I am registered to the class but then haven't received anything else. I called them this week to see what I should be doing and didn't really get clarification. Has anybody been able to start the online orientation that the confirmation email says to finish before the start date? I think they had an admin mistake with my account, they were saying that I had 2 addresses on file and I think they have been sending stuff to some other random address! Also, has any one bought the book yet?

    Seems like most of you are going for the Sac program, I'm originally from Fair Oaks! But now I live in the bay area, so San Mateo is my first choice.
  8. by   jly0162

    I applied for San Mateo as my first choice and Sacramento as 2nd too. Have you heard anything from them yet?
    I just finished Pathophysio & Pharmacology. You can rent the texts from the bookstore & maybe call the IT department if you're having trouble signing into Blackboard. The orientation is really easy to do, just time consuming.
  9. by   NishaA

    I haven't heard anything from them but they did cash my check so I know they got my application.

    For the pathophsiology class, was the online orientation all set up on your blackboard account when you first logged in? I can log into my blackboard but I can't see the orientation. I was on the phone with them for an hour last week, they kept passing me through people but nobody was able to help me figure out how to do the orientation. I'm about to pay for it, so maybe that is why? I'm not sure, I wasn't even sent a billing statement to my address so I just figured out how I can pay it online. How was the patho class? Was it hard? I'm getting nervous about it, I'm not a fan of online classes. Did you use a lot of the material from microbiology in it?
  10. by   MyRoseyCareer
    Hi Bethondricek, NishaA, and Jly0162!

    @Bethondricek- Yes, I live in Sacramento, in the Pocket area just a hop-skip-and-jump from the SMU campus, but I am originally from Lincoln. That's right near Roseville. I hope your October move goes smoothly! My B.A. is in Liberal Studies. (I have 4 credentials and a Master's, too.) I've been an elementary school teacher for the past 7 years. What about you? Is Sac your first choice?

    @NishaA- I hope you get into San Mateo, given that you are in the bay now. I did not take pathophys through SMU (but I did take it online). I can share those details if you're interested... but sounds like you are getting ready to start at SMU in a few days. I wish I could help more. I'm sorry to hear about your address mix up! Uggghhh!

    @Jly0162- Sounds like you're hoping to get into San Mateo as your ideal choice. I hope you do!

    Glad to have met you all!
  11. by   jly0162

    It should be on Blackboard. Once you sign in, click the courses tab and you should see the orientation module. I was sent a billing statement but your address mix up might be giving you the most troubles

    Have you tried contacting Blackboard support? (Phone: 510.869.6836, press option 1)

    The classes do have a lot of material but once you get into the flow of things it gets more manageable. Lots of group work and reading to be done but you'll learn a lot!


    nice to meet you too!
  12. by   NishaA
    @ jly0162, Thanks for the info! I think something is def wrong with my account, I will be calling them again on Monday. I'm glad you had a good experience with it, I took an online psych 1 class and it was horrible. For the amount it costs it should be set up nicely!

    @MyRoseyCareer, I have a liberal arts background as well! Did you have trouble with the TEAS Bio section? I had a hard time with it, some of the stuff on there I hadn't seen in my A&P or Micro class :/ I read on the SMU website that they only look at the Reading and Math individual score so that makes me feel a little better, but still not happy with my score. I'm wondering if I take it again, if they will look at my new score? I took it right before the deadline so didn't have time to re-take it.
  13. by   MyRoseyCareer
    @everyone- I do hope you all get in! And best wishes in your classes as you prepare...
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  14. by   MyRoseyCareer

    I honestly cannot recall the difficulty of the TEAS (I took it a bit ago!). I would surmise they would not relook at your score, given that you have turned in your documents and they are under review. However, it is still definitely worth asking if you are concerned about it. ------- here in Sacramento has always been very helpful, although I am not sure about the San Mateo folks. I think asking never hurts if you're very concerned.


    I wonder who else out there would like Sacramento as their first choice campus for the ABSN program we begin in less than 5 months!
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