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Was looking around and couldn't find a thread for this. Has anyone else applied to this program & which campus did you pick for first choice? Would love to hear back from fellow applicants :)... Read More

  1. by   Dumbleeric
    Hey there,

    My name is Eric and I applied to the Sacramento campus for 2013. I still have to finish anatomy, physiology lab and pathophysiology. I'm planning on taking the Excelsior's credit-by-examination test for the anatomy and phsyiology stuff and the patho through some online distance class. Has anyone taken the Excelsior A&P examination or know anyone that has?

    I have received an email saying my application has been forwarded to the faculty for review. I'm sure as long as your application is complete you should get that email...

    Also, does anyone know about the number of applicants for the Sacramento cohort?

    Thanks everyone
  2. by   jly0162
    Just received my email today that my application is being forwarded for faculty review. Good luck to everyone with their prerequisites !
  3. by   MyRoseyCareer
    Hi gambiansteph,

    I would definitely call the campus of the cohort you are interested in attending (which I am assuming you were going to do). That way, you are sure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information. I am not sure how they could be accepting applications at the same time they are reviewing them for the Spring 2013 program (and I am really not sure how they could still be accepting for Fall 2012), especially since the letter I received today says we must submit our Letter of Intent by September 4th (12 days from now). It could be that our Letter of Intent due dates vary, though. In any case, calling will get you a for-sure answer.

    Hope you get a favorable answer!
  4. by   nokuwah
    hi thanks for your input. i did contact one of the admissions reps and she said they are still accepting for spring 2013 but she also said she doesn't know for how long.
  5. by   MyRoseyCareer
    Hi Dumbleeric,

    Did you notice on SMU's website that they have all of the other cohorts listed for last year, on the "Statistics at a Glance" portion of their website (SMU> Enrollment & Student Services> Admission> Statistics at a Glance)? However, they do not have Sacramento outlined. Anyway, it shows there were about 48 spots at the other campuses (which makes me think it may be similar in Sacramento or perhaps smaller). The acceptance rate I tabulated to be about 41% (not sure if that is for first-choice campus picks though).

    Best wishes, Eric! I hope to meet you in about 11 weeks at Sacramento's orientation!
  6. by   MyRoseyCareer
    To those of you attending SMU Sacramento's ABSN 2013 Cohort,

    I created a Facebook page for our cohort, hoping it will be helpful in the future should we need it! (If it works out better, I can switch it to a group page instead, but this stand-alone page is kind of nice.) I am not sure if it will come in handy or not, but I am hoping so. You can find it by entering "facebook" + "Samuel Merritt" + "2013" in Google (or even in Facebook). I'm not a frequent Facebooker, but I'm hoping it's one more source of support for each other we may want/need. I am not sure if this link will stay up or is permitted (my apologies if not okay, moderator):

    Samuel Merrit University, Sacramento, ABSN Class of 2013.

    I look forward to meeting you!
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  7. by   JeninCA
    Did you already get accepted into the ABSN program in Sacramento?
  8. by   MyRoseyCareer
    Hi JeninCA,

    I did! (I received the email yesterday.) I look forward to celebrating with all of you once you post you've heard the great news too! Hoping everyone gets their first picks!
  9. by   JeninCA
    Excellent, MyRoseyCareer! Congrats that is awesome!!!
  10. by   MyRoseyCareer
    Thanks JeninCA! Hoping you get your first pick too- Did you want the ABSN, ELM program, or whichever as your first pick? I'm pulling for you...
  11. by   JeninCA
    I am hoping for the ABSN. Ultimately I want to be a FNP, but 3 years is a long time for schooling at once (well, with a family to support). Honestly, I will be happy with either one. Thanks for your support.
  12. by   lenaelle
    I am a little upset because I was trying to get into a Pharmacology class and I couldn't get in. I live in the East Bay area in California. I received an email from --------------- asking me where I'm going to take Pharmacology at, and I told her I couldn't get into the Pharm class I wanted. I feel like I wasted an application because they're obviously not going to accept me if I don't have it completed.

    Does anyone have any recommendations or know of any Pharm classes still open?
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  13. by   lenaelle
    MyRoseyCareer, do you have all of your pre-requisites completed?