Samuel Merritt 2+2 BSN

  1. Hey guys I'm in the Holy Names University 2+2 partnership program with Samuel Merrritt University (along with Mills College and St. Mary's) and I just finished my pre-reqs this past semester so I'm starting SMU this fall 09!! Excited but scared sh*tless lol. Anyone else starting SMU this fall?
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  3. by   Mike A. Fungin RN
    Not starting, I just graduated a couple of months ago with the April '09 class from the 2+2 BSN program. I'll message you my contact info in case you have any questions about what to expect. Good luck!
  4. by   bluechick112
    I'm trying really hard to start this fall! I was #11 on the waitlist and so far they've admitted 10 people off the list, thus making me #1.

    They e-mailed stating they'd notify me immediately should a spot become hopefully SOMEONE out there who's been accepted for fall 09 will decide against SMU and withdraw their acceptance! I'm really looking forward to starting at SMU, and every day I'm sweating over where my phone is and making sure it has reception to receive any possible calls...
  5. by   CEIprestige
    Aww I'm happy 4 u and I hope u do get that call! Maybe someone will get their financial aid packet and drop out because they can't pay for everything or they find another school or something. I can only imagine the anxiety and uncertainty ur going through. Best of luck and let me know if u get in!
  6. by   bluechick112
    Thanks! It's terrible. I don't know whether to plan for financial aid or to plan for classes at my current community college.

    It's all very frustrating, stressful, and confusing. Thanks for the good luck wishes. I hope to be starting there with you soon.