Riverside Community College Spring 2013 - page 3

I just like to start a new thread for spring 13 cohort. Currently, I'm invited to take the TEAS test on Friday, Nov 9th (update: just received an email that date has been changed to 16th). For those... Read More

  1. by   JakeandJoshysmom
    Anyone get their scores yet ?
  2. by   Rereka
    [QUOTE=JakeandJoshysmom;7041184]Anyone get their scores yet ?[/QUOTE. I got mine and I didn't passed. The date change was against me. Because on the practice test I did much better. Well I need keeping studying and try again. Good Luck everyone!!!
  3. by   ChairmanX
    My individual total score is 84%, compare to the program which is at 64.9%. Percentile rank - program: I'm at 95. It means if 120 people took the test, only 6 people scored 84% of individual score or better. So, I assume more than half of the 120 people scored 64.9% +/-.
  4. by   JakeandJoshysmom
    Rereka I'm sorry to hear that. I can help you if you like. Contact me at rmsimpkins@dslextreme.com
  5. by   JakeandJoshysmom
    Way to go chairmanx great job. I got a 79.
  6. by   ChairmanX
    Thank you, you have a nice score too What's your combined points? If you don't mind I'm asking.
  7. by   JakeandJoshysmom
    I have 80
  8. by   JakeandJoshysmom
    I don't have a cna certificate and I dont have hospital experience. Are most of the students CNAs? I'm nervous that if I got into the program I would be the only one that didn't know how to take someones blood pressure for example. I hate looking dumb lol.
  9. by   Rereka
    Don't worry y will do well, the first 2 weeks will be intimidate but y will learn and susceed...last semester a friend of mine got in. She had all science B's and 78 on Teas...so just believe....if this is your time y will be in...thanks for offering y help Thats so nice of you... I will contact you. Happy Thanksgiven!!!
  10. by   VM91
    I also got an 84% on the teas... I should have 90 pts. overall but I'm not sure... I may have 85 pts. I just want it to be mid-December already!!!
  11. by   JakeandJoshysmom
    VM91 you should be in there for sure !!!! You have nothing to worry about only waiting . Are you an rcc student ?
  12. by   VM91
    I hope so! Yea, I've taken all my classes at RCC. I'm only taking chem 2b this semester though. I have my CNA, but never really worked as one other than clinicals. I was taught how to take blood pressure but I'm not very good at it b/c I don't ever take them so don't worry about "looking dumb" hahaha we can look dumb together... Practice makes perfect!
  13. by   ChairmanX
    Cool, I have 90 pts as well with CNA cert. I hope we can get it sooner than that.