Redondo Beach...?

  1. I accepted a job in Torrance and was told Redondo Beach is a nice area to live. Does anyone have input on Ocean Club apartments? Looks nice online but read some bad (old) reviews. Or, any other suggestions?

    Also thought about living in Marina del Rey or Santa Monica and commuting to Torrance. Worried about traffic & how long the drive would be. Would love any input!

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  3. by   Gomer
    Yes, you can commute from MDR or Santa Monica to the Torrance area. Depends on the time of day whether or not it would be an easy commute. Torrance is a cheaper area to live in however. You might want to look for an apartment in the Torrance area, Palos Verdes (expensive community, but closer than Santa Monica), San Padro area, or any of the "beach" cities. Suggest you get a map of the area (from AAA or get a "Thomas Guide")
  4. by   missjkh
    THANK YOU for the input. =)
  5. by   sdmommie
    There are nice parts to Torrance also. There's lots to do in Redondo. Fun city, but lots of traffic on small streets. I think the commute from Redondo would be easier than Santa Monica. It could take more than an hour to go from Santa Monica to Torrance in peak traffic. The 10/405 interchange is one of the busiest in the state. Torrance would be cheaper, but Redondo is more fun.
  6. by   missjkh
    I've decided to live in Redondo Beach. I just don't feel like dealing w/a long drive from MDR or SM. Anyone know anything about Ocean Club apartments? Am looking to live there.
  7. by   STFXNurse
    I am moving to Torrance with 2 other Canadian nurses next week, just wondering what hospital you've been hired too? We are working at Little Company of Mary. Also my 2 friends and I are going to live in Torrance, to be near the hospital. Do you know of any good apartments? What areas of the city should we stay away from?

    Thanks for any info, maybe I'll see ya around.
  8. by   missjkh
    I am going to be working at Torrance Memorial in the ER. I have heard good things about the hospital you're going to... a nurse I work with did an assignment there & loved the ER. I know nothing about Torrance and where to live. I am going to be at Ocean Club in Redondo Beach. It looks nice & it's still close to work. Good luck!
  9. by   sdmommie
    I can't remember the good/bad parts of Torrance. However, please be aware of the ARCO oil refinery near there. It's probably a good idea not to live to close to it. Oh yeah, it's best to live further West than East Torrance.
  10. by   nicknanni
    I live in torrance and it's a really nice area.
    TOrrance Memorial Is a GREAT, clean hospital to work for. Good luck
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