Palomar College nursing waitlist - page 4

Anyone in the Palomar College waitlist? Anyone knows if they already sent out acceptance letters for Spring 2012 or Fall 2012? If you do, what number on the waitlist are you currently in? I'm in the... Read More

  1. by   Iamwaiting
    If i'm not mistaken the class will start on Jan. 18. Not sure thought but I guess i'll find out on Oct 24 during the orientation.
  2. by   Ivylove
    Is your number still showing on the waiting list? Oh well good luck on the orientation...
  3. by   Iamwaiting
    Yes, my number is still showing.
  4. by   Ivylove
    Thank you for answering all my means a lot! I hope you keep us updated
  5. by   Iamwaiting
    You are very much welcome I'll for sure keep you updated.
  6. by   Iamwaiting
    We just had our orientation last monday and everything is going great so far I've already made few friends and we got our CPR card together then went uniform shopping afterwards. It was so surreal seeing ourselves with the uniforms on. I talked to few people who got in for Spring and of them was number 25 on the waitlist. And most of the people who got in (36 of us) are fromt he list. I only talked to one who applied through the point system. So, this is a good news to all folks who are still on the list. I think your number will come up pretty soon probably Fall 2012 or at worst Spring 2013, isn't that amazing? Hang in there
  7. by   Ivylove
    Wow congrats...thanks for giving me an update! Yes that's good news and hopefully I can get in sooner. I also applied under the new point system but I won't find out till March I believe. I just checked the list and its still not updated 'till now. So, when do you all start? And is the program really 2 years? I can't wait to start...good luck to you and thanks again for keeping me updated
  8. by   Chrissybear
    Good luck ladies!!!! Get started studying your dosage calculations book and the fluids and electrolyte book!!! You will thank me later, i promise!!! there isnt much time to study dosage calculations after school starts!!!
  9. by   belle0829
    Hey everyone,
    Finally got the confirmation that I'm in for Spring 2012!! So excited, but obviously missed the orientation. In a major rush to's just around the corner!
  10. by   Ivylove
    Congrats Belle0829!
  11. by   belle0829's been quite the wait. I am currently #29 on the list.
  12. by   Ivylove
    #29? Wow...that's awesome! Is your number still showing on the waiting list? So, are you going to any orientation? Did they just informed you this month to start in Jan? I'm excited for of luck! I appreciate everyone posting an update here cuz I'm still anxious to know when I could start....really hoping I can get in in Fall 2012.
  13. by   belle0829
    Yes it's still showing, so technically everyone has moved up...what # are you? They had emailed a mth ago saying there was a slight possibility I could start in the Spring and then yesterday they told me a spot had opened. Needless to say I'm rushing to get everything that is required finished soon. Good luck to you...if you're close to my #, then most likely you'll start in the Fall!