Online hybrid adn RN program

  1. Hi guys I have a question I'm looking for an online RN adn hybrid program in the California area basically where I do all my lecture online and clinicals at a hospital sight does anyone know of one I know Corpus Christi has one in Texas but it's for military people only please let me know if you guys know of any programs like that
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  3. by   SAjala16
    Sorry but there is no program like that known but there is a BSN Prelicensing program through Western Governors University that does have a program like that for BSN. All ADN have on campus fulltime. You may also check with Mount Saint Mary's University - Los Angeles. They have an Evening/Weekend Program for ADN. Pretty expensive but you can try them. They are a private school. That's about it. It would be nice for California to have something like that.
  4. by   Cellcell501
    Hi I've searched every where for a prelicensure BSN or adn program online where we do clinical work at the hospitals and everything else online yes wgu does offer the BSN prelicensure with only clinical time but the clinical site is in la I don't live there I do live in California just not La area
  5. by   SAjala16
    Yeah that it is sucky part. You have to be in that area. You did not say where you were so I only gave you what is in California as a whole with online or evening weekend. Unfortunately they are in Southern California. Maybe one day they will open up to more opportunities to have nights and weekend.