nursing graduates in philippines going back to school in ca to take nclex?

  1. hi guys please help im looking for school that will allow me to continue my nursing degree ..i graduated nursing in the philippines and moved here in cali i cant take nclex exam because of the new law of BON ,i heard i need to go back to school any recommendation?
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  3. by   perioddrama
    First off, it is not a new law if it has been "in the books" for many, many years.

    Second, please read the other threads in the Registration section of the forum. There are no official openings (i.e. CSUFresno) yet because there are hoops the schools and programs need to jump through in order to open the programs. Also, you can try calling schools and asking to take the classes; however, many schools will be leery and will not allow a student to just pick and choose what classes to take. Instead, most likely they will tell the potential student to retake the whole program.

    There are a few threads that people update every so often regarding potential schools that may/will offer the 2 classes for foreign educated students.

    Others have gone the LVN route instead in order to get a job in CA while they wait for a school to open for the deficient RN classes.

    Good luck!