Nursing agencies in Inland Empire?

  1. Hi!
    Anybody know any good nursing agencies to work for in inland empire in California? I've heard of nursefinders but I'm looking for other ones too.
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  3. by   gentle
    Hi leo84,
    I have enjoyed working with nursefinder nurses. Unfortunately, I can't remember all the names of different companies who supplied our hospital with extra "hands, knowledge, and hearts."

    However, if you would be willing to do an online yellow-pages search for Riverside (or another large city in the Inland Empire), you may find a number of different agencies. After you find the agencies, perhaps you could try calling them and interviewing them over the phone. This way you can figure out how they respond to you and your questions without driving in for an interview. You are your own best advocate. What some people may like about nursefinders might aggravate you. I sincerely wish you well with your search.

    And yes, I have often used this technique myself in finding physicians for my family, as well as other things.