Nurse Educators - Q on NA fingerprinting costs and new law

  1. Hello,
    I'm not a CNA - but I'm trying to find out infomration about a new law (July 2006) in CA. My understanding is that in the past, NA students paid their own cost for a fingerprint scan. The new law now requires CLINICAL sites (used by the school NA program) to pay the fingerprinting cost instead of the NA.
    - How are NA programs handling this issue?
    - Are the clinical sites going to pay for the NA fingerprinting?
    - Are the schools going to reimburse the clinical sites for the cost?

    If you have any info on this topic or know how schools/clinical sites in CA are handling this issue I would appreciate your input. This information will help me better understand the needs of nurse educators in NA programs in CA.

    Thanks very much,
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