non-traditional nursing education -HELP

  1. I am starting to get impatient!! I am in A/P 1 and have A/P 2 to go plus micro then I can apply for RN program - let's say I have them completed by the end of summer - I can apply in the fall for the spring 06 program but of course no guarantee I will get in. - I could very easily twiddle my thumbs for a year or more waiting!!

    I am looking for some alternatives. I know that Western Career College has an LVN program in my area (about $20k). I don't know if there is a wait list or not but I think it is a year program. Then I could do the LVN to RN mobility program.

    Does anyone have any experience going this route?
    Any experience or knowledge of the WCC program?

    One other unrelated question. I have read on other discussions what leads me to believe that CA does not allow distance ed for nursing school - is that true and if so does the same restriction apply to pre-reqs? If I took a pre-req though a web course at another (accredited) college would CA be likely to accept that or would it be up to the CC?

    Thanks for all taking the time to read this. Have a great Sunday!
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  3. by   mercyteapot
    Although it is always best to ask the specific college for their policy, my understanding is that as long as the course taken via distance learning is from an accredited institution and comparable to the course offered by the college being asked to accept it, the credits can transfer. Maybe what you heard was in reference to the fact that CA doesn't accept Excelsior credits?
  4. by   GTurtle27
    Hello there,

    Once you finish your prereqs you can apply, but for most school there is a wait list which is from 1 - 2 years. If you are in a hurry you can always do the RN program at schools such as Maric or Concorde, but those programs are going to be much more expensive. It can be frustrating, I am on the wait list right now and I am only 3 months into a 2 year wait. So, in the mean time I am taking a CNA course to get certified so I can work as a CNA while I am waiting. You might want to consider that as an option. Another option is that most people do their prereqs first and then finish their general ed requirements while they are waiting. Best of luck to you and I hope my info helped you out in some way.