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  1. just wanted to say hi to the California Nurses forum. i've been a RN for 6+ yrs and have worked trauma/ortho/neuro/med-surg/pediatrics... and am now finally venturing into the world of ER - something i've wanted to do for years. i moved to L.A. recently and after applying/interviewing for the overwhelming abundance of nursing opportunities here, finally chose a position. i begin critical care training next week and am VERY excited! if anyone has any suggestions (for you ER or Critical Care nurses) on particularly good learning materials/books to boost my 'lack of' ER knowledge on my own time & purchase (or get online) in L.A., i'd appreciate your input.

    also... i love to snow ski (& water ski - but my friend's boat we used to ski on is back in Virginia) - absolutely my favorite sport (other than tennis too) and have explored East Coast ski slopes and Silverton, CO - where my sister lives, but am not very familiar with my options around L.A. i've heard of Big Bear and Mammoth Lake, and Big Bear seems to be the winner of the popularity contest on the news and such, but was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions/experience with preferable ski resorts around L.A. i want to purchase a season pass, but don't know enough about local slopes to know which place would be the best one to get a season pass from. is Big Bear the closest one to L.A.? i obviously haven't explored the internet much yet to find out about CA/LA ski resorts. if there's any nurses out there in L.A. that love to ski - let me know if you need a ski buddy sometime! i don't really know anyone here and as far as priorities go, in addition to getting my L.A. career in line... have to become informed about the slopes too! :wink2: thanks a bunch!
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