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  1. hey everyone! i have been reading through the threads and found that everyone here was very helpful! i ,myself have some questions maybe someone can help....

    first off i am now wanting to attend nursing school at the age of 31, married with 4 kids. i was thinking about attending wcu in ontario. but with alot of people in the threads saying its not worth the 100k+, i am a little hesitant. i do not want to attend a community college, so i was thinking wcu was the best bet for me. i mean bsn in a little of 3 years, sounds good right?
    so for my questions... 1) how many times a week do you attend class, and times
    2) i know i probably won't get financial aid so how much would it be monthly (estimated guess) and do you start paying as soon as you attend?
    3) the hesi test is there a study guide online for this and is it like the psb, or the net, teas exams?

    thx in anvance for any help that anyone can give me, i do have a appointment with them next week but i want to get a head start!!!!
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  3. by   Seyma
    If you do decide to go to a junior college or university, I would go with Cal State Long Beach. They accept 90 students which alot compared to some nursing programs. Long Beach Memorial is also giving CSULB students a $2,000/semester stipend for those that sign a 2 year contract saying that they'll work for them for 2 years after graduation which sounds like a win win to me. Your tuition is pretty much paid for and you have a job already lined up when you get out. Something to consider.