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  1. Hi!!!

    I am looking to move to San Francisco after I finish my accelerated BSN program in SoCal in August 2013! I have been looking at different hospitals and clinics in regards to new RN grad programs and I have been unable to find any listings or information about it. I've also read blogs and forums in hopes that I would find any tips, advice, information but haven't come across anything helpful besides the face that UCSF and VA has new grad programs. Can anybody please help me with any advice, information, suggestions, tips on finding an RN job in SF? I'm also open to working at clinics in SF as well! Anything will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!! Thank you!
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  3. by   perioddrama
    SF is a harder market than SoCal, mainly because they do not have a lot of hospitals that have new grad programs compared to SoCal.

    Check the new grad facebook page. There are kind people that post links up. Example: Someone very recently posted about Oakland General (not in SF, but close enough).

    Good luck job hunting!
  4. by   teenuh72
    Thank you for the response! I just liked the page! : )

    Do you think it would be easier to find a job at a clinic vs a hospital?
  5. by   perioddrama
    Just apply to everything. There are a few posters that are lurkers now at the facebook page that are old, old new grads that haven't found anything yet.

    Apply, apply, apply. Good luck!
  6. by   teenuh72
    Thank you!
  7. by   AlyssaEnsign
    I'm interested in SF as well!
    What's the Facebook page? lol
  8. by   al_e135
    Hey! I am also looking into new grad programs in the Bay Area and am quickly finding out how difficult it is to break into the market. I found this website through Facebook and its really helpful! It lists new graduate programs by state and summarizes each program with the link to the hospital website. I usually just use allnurses for my information but this is pretty great.
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  9. by   PhilipG
    I'm from the SF Bay Area, and the market up here is extremely difficult. It's where everyone wants to come, it seems. We have fewer hospitals up here, so...fewer opportunities for new grad programs. Personally, I am preparing to move to SoCal because that's where most of the jobs are; out of the dozens of positions I've come across, more than half were in SoCal.

    But if you see a clinic, apply! Why not? Shoot, apply everywhere! I am too, but I'm set on staying in California....(near civilization, LOL!)
  10. by   Sassy29RN
    Hi perioddrama,

    Can you tell us where the new grad FBk page is? I tried to look it up in the search bar on FBk but nothing came up... What its called? Can you post a link? Thanks.