need info. from current CSUEB BSN students

  1. I am enrolled to start nursing program this fall and have no clue what to expect (orientation is not until July/August). I will be a single parent of 3 and would like to know what your school schedule has been like. How many days a week, what time did school start/end. Were clinicals started 1st or 2nd quarter what time did they start/end? I know that I have 3 classes besides the program to take, 2 I will do at LMC. As the program progresses do you attend full time? It would be nice to have some idea of what my schedule will be like. Thank you in advance for any help.
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  3. by   healinghands209
    Congratulations on getting accepted to the program! I graduated from CSUEB Concord in December and I can tell you with 3 kids you will definately need as much help with childcare as you can get. Clinicals start during the second half of the winter quarter and you will have 2 clinical days per week. In addition you will have between 2-4 classes on campus twice a week. Clinical hours vary, they can start as early as 6:45 AM or go as late as 10:00 depending on the rotation. Clinical rotations are broken down into 5 week blocks so your schedule will change every 5 weeks and you generally can't pick your hours. Most quarters I had classes on campus twice a week and clinicals twice a week. Sometimes it worked out that they were on the same day. There were never any classes on Friday and I only had clinicals on Friday once (3:00-9:00 PM). Everyone in my cohort attended full time (12+ units)- there was no option given. With 3 classes in addition to the nursing curriculum I suggest you do as much as you can during the 1st quarter since the schedule is lightest and during the summers. The nursing program is pretty demanding, you'll have care plans and assignments which easily take an hour a day, and then you have textbooks to read and studying top of all that. Since classes change every 5-12 weeks the pace is very quick so you really have to stay on top of things. I don't mean to scare you but this is the reality. That being said ...there were several moms in my cohort (I'm one of them) and a few of them were single and most of us made it! I think the key is to find a good support system and make sure you have flexible, reliable childcare. Good luck-the program goes by quickly and you'll be glad you did it. Hopefully there will be more jobs for new RN's in 2 years- right now many of us are still unemployed. Feel free to PM me if you have more questions.