need and RN to shadow for a senior project :(

  1. hey im a senior in eleanor roosevelt high school in corona, california
    and i have to do a senior project on a career of my choice for graduation
    i want to become a registered nurse and am already starting classes at Riverside Community College this summer
    i am required as part of the project to shadow an RN for 4-8 hours but i havent been able to find one!
    some hospitals dont offer any shadowing programs and some dont want to be reliable for me
    i am 18 and i dont necessarily have to participate in any of the nurse's activities but i am willing to run errands or help
    i see this as a great way to get to see how a day in the shoes of a Registered Nurse would be
    and maybe help me see what it will be like
    well thank you for your time and if you would be willing to be my mentor or know someone who would,
    i would greatly appreciate it if you would contact me as soon as possible !
    thank you.
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