MSMC LA traditional BSN program FALL 2009

  1. I couldn't find any threads regarding the traditional BSN program at MSMC and have a few questions I hope someone will be able to answer. I applied for the Fall 2009 program and have not heard back from them yet. It's now April 20th and the deadline for your deposit is May 1 or two weeks after you have received your acceptance letter. Should I be worried? Would it be a good idea to shoot them an email asking when the last acceptance letter will be mailed out?

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  3. by   LAnurse89
    Hey there! I've been looking for MSMC BSN Program threads as well. Are you a transfer student applying for BSN program. You should be hearing from them soon. They already called those who are admitted for the traditional BSN for Fall 2009. Only 13 transfers got admitted. If you want, you can call the Chalon admissions office to see if you are on the waitlist. =)

    Best of luck!
  4. by   RN425
    Thanks for the reply LAnurse89. I actually received an email from Lisha Maddox, the transfer admission advisor, about the status of my application a few days after this posting. Apparently my file is up for review for potential space on the waitlist. = / Just wondering, what are the chances of getting in if you've been placed on there?
  5. by   LAnurse89
    Hello Ngtt,

    Glad to hear that you emailed Lisha. Being place on the waitlist is good, but it depends how many admitted nursing transfers say "yes, I want to attend MSMC's BSN Program for Fall 2009." Since 13 were admitted for the Fall and if 10 say YES to MSMC, then the admissions office will take the top 3 transfer students on the waitlist and will notify them a few weeks before fall semester starts.

    Go to this link and click on BSN FAQS.

    I never knew getting into their BSN program as a transfer student is difficult.
  6. by   RN425
    I just called Lisha on Monday and asked her to withdraw my application since I've been admitted to another school. I really was hoping to get into MSMC and move to LA for a change of scenery but I guess I'll be staying in the Pacific Northwest.

    Yeah, I didn't know it was that competitive either! My science GPA is 3.92 (3.72 in all prereqs) and scored 80% on the TEAS but I guess that wasn't enough. Maybe they wanted someone with a more experience in the nursing field and that is something I don't have a lot of hours for.

    Will you be applying for the Fall 2010 program?