Moving just a few thousand miles :D

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am relocating to Los Angeles area (moving in with two LA natives) in AUG/SEPT 2018. I am aware reciprocity is a lengthy battle and hope to 1. Get CA license by March/April
    2. Apply by May to CA jobs for Aug/Sept.

    looking for any input on:

    • Job outlook (2.5 years acute care exp., BSN, ACLS)
    • Hospitals to work at
    • RN transition programs/training programs (looking at CHLA transition to peds)
    • Tips/advice/time frames

    Thanks for any info regarding this process!
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  3. by   outriton
    Here's info on pay at UCLA. However, the numbers will change a bit once the contract between UC and the nursing union is renegotiated:


    I think the processing time estimates on the CA BRN website are pretty accurate. However, once you move to LA and become a CA resident, you can contact your new state reps (state assemblymember and state senator - you can figure out who these people by searching your new ZIP code online) and ask their offices for help. It's because you're their constituent and helping you deal with a state agency is how they can work to earn your vote in the future. I got out of BRN endorsement purgatory within a week of contacting my state reps.
  4. by   mscassandra
    Outriton- Thank you so much for your reply and insight with the CA BRN, much appreciated!
  5. by   mscassandra
    Not sure if it matters to add I am moving from NJ, wondering how much variation exists between states.