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    Can anyone give me any info on Modesto and Doctor's Medical Center and their L&D unit if possible? I start a travel position there on Jan. 10th and would like to know a little more about the area then what I learned from Modesto's website. Thank you.
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  3. by   alintanurse
    seanymph,in response to your question re: Doctors hospital in modesto. I worked there for three years and happen to live within a few miles of the facility. It is a nice hospital in a decent part of town and has adequate parking(they have their own parking structure on the property) Tenet is having some financial problems but I don.t believe this will affect you since you will be on a contract. It has a good L&D dept. Probably one of the better dept's to work in any facility. I hope you find this helpful!
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  4. by   woodsider
    Hi Alintanurse,
    Alintanurse, I just applied to a new grad position at Doctor hospital center Jan 2011 in Modesto. May I ask if you don't mind : how is the hiring process at your hospital?
    Thank you advance