Merritt College Fall 2012

  1. I have been accepted to Merritt College ADN for fall 2012. Any others that have been accepted as well?
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  3. by   ThatGuy.
    I was accepted as well, but I'm really nervous due to all the negative comments. I'm seriously preparing for the worst and ready to teach myself if that's what it takes. I'll be dedicating 100% of my time Monday through Friday to the program hopefully that's enough... Back up plan just in case the program doesn't work for me includes retaking the TEAS, Stats and Psychology (currently C's) during the summer to boost my GPA. I'll be reapplying to SF state (previously waitlisted), CSUEB (previously rejected), Chico, Bakersfield, and Sacramento state for fall 2013 admissions. Do you know how many people applied to the program?
  4. by   extreme motivation
    Hi Disney Dreamer,

    I'm accepted for Fall 2012 as well...I'm hoping the program is not as bad as the reviews state. Hope to meet you at orientation.
  5. by   extreme motivation
    Did you apply anywhere else?
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  6. by   DisneyDreamer
    I had applied to Contra Costa College and Chabot without luck. Did you apply anywhere else?
    I do not know how many applied to the program but I really hope it is not as bad as everything I've read here. I am determined to make it happen!
  7. by   ThatGuy.
    From what I've read the first semester is the Toughest. They refer to this period as boot camp, where if you score below 75%, you are out. I believe if we make it through the first semester, we should be able to make it through the whole program. Instead of letting the bad comments discourage me, I'm taking them as a warning or heads up. If we aren't willing to give it our all, we really can't expect to make it far
  8. by   DisneyDreamer
    I'm definitely prepared to give it my all. I'm guessing some people left for other reasons and not because the program is bad.
  9. by   Chribri
    I am a current student here. The first semester is a bit of a trial. You will not get great support during that first nine weeks, rather you will be constantly put to the test and if you fail you will be left behind. I believe this is what people refer to when they complain about the problems at Merritt. What is unfortunate is that those critics never get to see what comes after they (because invariably the critics are those who fail). Now I am entering my second year and I cone honestly say I am happy and I have no doubt that I will come out a better nurse than any that Samuel Merritt or SFSU could produce. This is a program that does not accept mediocrity, that drives you to be independent, and knowledgeable and able to adapt and think on your toes. You can't get through this program on "good enough" and you will find your A work gets B's and your B work gets failed.

    That being said a few tips for getting over the first hurdle.

    1. Read the fundamentals book over the summer. The first time you read it just take it in like a novel don't focus on the details.

    2. Pre-read each chapter before lecture. This time take your time and take notes. Focus on the nursing implications of what your reading (not just the facts but how those facts would effect nursing care) You will find the lectures in fundementals not as helpful as you would like but it helps if your familiar with the text first. You should be relying on the text not on lecture notes.

    3. Reread the material a third time before the exams. This time skimming for details you may have overlooked and committing the information in the boxes to memory. A lot of those boxes are test questions.

    4. Most important study advice is practice questions. You will be taking tests with questions unlike others you have ever faced. They are not going to ask you to recall information from the textbook. You will be expected to process the information as applied to different situations and come up with an answer that is not in any books. Often times there will be 3 or 4 correct answers and you will be asked to select the best one. Pay attention to the question line in each question. Look for words like "Best" "First" "Priority" "Safest". Pay attention to whether the question is asking for an "Intervention" or an "Assessment". Most people who did poorly last year failed the first exam miserably because they did not know how to take an Nclex style course and even though the passed the second and third exam they were not able to make up the points.

    5. ***Mary Ann Hogans Fundementals: Reviews and Rationals has a ton of practice questions. I recommend starting them over the summer as well.

    6. The fundementals book you will likely be using the Perry and Potters. The Chapters we covered was: (1,2,3,9,13,14,16,17,18,19,20,21,24,25,26,27,28,29 ,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,4 6,47,48,50)

    7. If you are any good at math. Get a drug dosage book and read it over the summer so you can test out of that class on the first day. It will free up an extra day of studying each week.

    8. Good Luck and wave goodbye to your social life.
  10. by   DisneyDreamer
    Thank you Chris SN for all the information. I find it very helpful. Did you work during the first semester?
  11. by   Chribri
    I worked part time during the first semester, less than 20 hours a week. I also tested out of drug dosage so I had an extra day free each week.
  12. by   extreme motivation
    Good to know Chris SN. Thanks for the information.

    Disney Dreamer, we should form a study group to get a head start on "boot camp!!"
  13. by   DisneyDreamer
    I agree! I'm all for getting a study group together! Where do you live?
  14. by   extreme motivation
    San And my availability is open. I tried to private message you to exchange info but it wont let me do it.