LVN's Salary in California

  1. I'm curious, but what is the average pay rate for LVN's in California? Also, could you live in a nice neighborhood and raise a family on an LVN salary? Are there any places to live that anyone could recommend?
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  3. by   DLOAH
    Hi it really depends on where you work. Home health you can get paid anywhere from 18-35. I know of one that pays LVN's 40 a visit, but of course it's hard to get in. If you go to smaller homehealth agencies you tend to get more. In a hospital you would start out making at the least at 24 and hour, but that's if the hospital is union. I grew up in the San Gabriel Valley area, and I think you can find affordable areas out there. If I were you I would go back for my RN. It just makes things easier. Hope this info helps.
  4. by   Joe33
    LVNs can make over $50 an hr as ADONs or weekend supervisors or evening supervisor after working at a SNF/subacute for a while. Starting rate for SNFs in the Bay Area for LVNs is around $26-$28. As an ADON if a SNF you should be able to get around $40+ with just a few years of experience, with a $1-2 increase per year perhaps.