Los Angeles Harbor College Spring 2013 - page 7

Hey everyone! This is my second time applying to LAHC (was alternate for the Fall 2012 but didn't make it in). Who else has applied?... Read More

  1. by   jotiato
    check your LACCD email
  2. by   jotiato
    Did anyone took the TEAS with Harbor on the !5th and 16 November? Did they mention when are going to notify people whether they have been accepted into the program. I had already taken the TEAS with LATTC so I just submitted my results.
  3. by   jotiato
    just got my acceptance email from harbor. really excited
  4. by   sthom
    Did you mean for the TEAS? I called them and they said they haven't been sent out yet.
  5. by   Ben07
    Sthom. Today is the last day to email them back saying you are accepting their invitation for spring '14.. They sent out the emails last week. Check your school email. You must reply by 4 pm
  6. by   sthom
    whoa! thanks.