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Hey everyone! This is my second time applying to LAHC (was alternate for the Fall 2012 but didn't make it in). Who else has applied?... Read More

  1. by   StevenAkaProek
  2. by   LovetheER
    Ha ha, I love the comment "Research suggests that listening to 30 minutes of classical music like this per day is the equivalent of taking like 10mg of valium". Note to self! Thanks for posting.
    I have a feeling today is the day. I'm at work at the hospital, so I'm happy to keep my mind on other things. But I'm getting excited to find out!
  3. by   jennifer_estrada
    I got accepted and invited to the orientation in January! So excited! Just got the e-mail. Good luck to you all.
  4. by   StevenAkaProek
    I got accepted!
  5. by   LovetheER
    Me too!!! OMG. See you all at orientation!!
  6. by   dhanhan
    I GOT IN TOO!!!!

    sorry for yelling. I am excited. I live in SF and will have to move down to the area. If anyone has any advice on areas to look for housing, please msg me. I'd appreciate any input!

    Congrats to everyone who got in!!
  7. by   positivemind11
    CONGRATS TO ALL OF US!! we're all gonna power through! =D

    dhandhan- i used to live in SF as well, i now live in Torrance. I moved down here fall 2011.
  8. by   positivemind11
    By the way, do we register for classes after orientation or during our normal registration period?
  9. by   BH87
    I got accepted too!!! I'm so excited! Roxxayy-I've heard that they handle the registration for the classes probably after orientation.
  10. by   positivemind11
    Thank you. -- I think maybe there wasn't that many applicants this spring because I have yet to know one person that got rejected. All of the ones I know including you guys got in. So happy for us!!
  11. by   LovetheER
    I'm so happy too. What a relief! I'm going to start reviewing this week.
  12. by   NBRalways23
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  13. by   AnonymousRN33
    Congrats to everyone who got in! I thought I would just post something here to give everyone a heads up on the first semester at LAHC so if you have other responsibilities or just prefer a certain schedule you have some extra time to think about things.

    Okay so basically the first thing you guys should know is that the semesters at LAHC are broken down into two sections, so the first 8 weeks are one grade and the second 8 weeks is another grade and you cannot move onto the second portion of the semester without first passing the first 8 weeks. Okay so with that said, if they keep with the same schedule as this semester, the lectures will be on Monday and Wednesday (this semester it was Monday from 10-12:30 and Wednesday from 2-4:30). You will also have to attend a 1 hr skills practice class on Mondays either from 8-9 or 9-10 as well. For the first portion of the semester you will also have one 6 week class (this semester it was on Thursday from 4-7) and for the second half of the semester you will have another 6 week class (this semester it was Monday 4-7).

    Then at orientation you guys will get a choice of having clinicals on either Tuesday/Wednesday (Tuesday 6:30-3:30/Wednesday 6:30-1) or Thursday/Friday (Thursday 6:30-3:30/Friday 6:30-1). Just a heads up, Tuesday/Wednesdays are a lot more stressful in my opinion because of the two instructors. The instructors for Tuesday/Wednesday are very strict and can be very intimidating and for some people that's not a very healthy learning environment. Thursday/Fridays are not easy per say, but the instructors for those clinicals are more approachable and more relaxed in my opinion. I have heard the students from Thursday/Friday say that they felt the Tuesday/Wednesday group was more prepared for the hospital. Also, if you decide to choose Tuesday/Wednesday, the second half of the semester you'll have a 4 day weekend so that is an incentive for having such a hard clinical experience. Also, it should also be noted that the first 8 weeks, you will not be going into the hospital with the exception of that final week. The first 8 weeks, you will be learning all your skills in the classroom setting and practicing and getting checked off on those same skills.

    This program is very tough and you need to be mentally prepared for everything they throw at you but if you just take it one day at a time you'll do fine. Also, it should be said that Nursing tests are extremely different from other classes such as your GenEd classes and pre-reqs. This book here has been extremely helpful this semester not only for myself but for pretty much everyone in our program so I highly recommend buying this book as it will prepare you for the exams: Amazon.com: Fundamentals Success: A Q&A Review Applying Critical Thinking to Test Taking (Davis's Q&a Success) (9780803627796): Dr Patricia Nugent, Barbara Vitale: Books

    Best of luck to everyone and I would suggest to just relax for now and just enjoy your free time while you still have some.