Los Angeles County School of Nursing

  1. Hi,

    I wasn't sure on few application process for Los Angeles County of Nursing.
    It would be awesome if someone could help me out.

    By application deadline, we just have to submit online application, high school and college transcripts directly sent to the school right?
    After the application deadline, when the school requests for teas score then we send in the teas score right?
    Also, I took multiples of teas test (because the nursing program i was going for allowed as many tries to get highest score), in this case, do I use my very first teas test result or can I use any of my best score?
    Last question, on the nursing school website, it mentioned that final clearance of background check and stuffs, are these for later days?

    Thank you
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  3. by   Aesthetic_RN
    Hi, Joojoo

    I just submitted my online application and college transcripts were directly sent from colleges I attended.

    I didn't have to send my high school diploma because I have a college degree.

    What I heard from my friend who applied last semester was after they review your transcripts, they will send you a TEAS consent form (if you didn't take TEAS, you need fill this out and send it back? I guess..) and a written interview form (I think this is a short statement essay).

    If your first TEAS score is higher than 62%, they will take first attempt only.

    The background check will be conducted after you are selected to their program just like other nursing schools.

    The information on their website is somewhat unclear so I had to call them to clarify what exactly I have to do for applying their program.
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