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Has anyone been accepted to lattc' s spring 2018 RN program?... Read More

  1. by   jessiehbrown
    Orientation will be on Oct 11th and deadline accept the spot is Sep 19th. I hope you will get the letter soon mimili20.
  2. by   Grizzy88
    Hello, I received acceptance letter this past weekend for Spring 2018
    so happy to see this thread
  3. by   jessiehb
    Hello Grizzy88! So happy to hear from you too. Do not forget to confirm the offer by email hah ^.^.

    P/S: This website is crazy, they blocked me out many times so I have to make new account uhmm...:-(
  4. by   Grizzy88
    yes i already did see you at orientation
  5. by   NurseAngel80
    So excited see you guys in October. This is a huge step in our lives. Let's not mess it up
  6. by   Handraa
    Hello everyone! I just applied to LATTC program September 14th 2017 after completing my teas on the 9th. Can someone tell me how long one can expect to wait to be accepted?
  7. by   chargenurse82
    The wait is 1-2 semesters. I applied October 2016 and waited 11 months.
  8. by   mimili20
    The wait is currently 2 to 3 semesters
    Applied november 2016 and will start fall 2018. They dont count your first semester. So if u applied september 2017, you first semester wait ll be spring 2018 and then fall 2018. So u should receive a letter in september 2018 for spring 2019. The people who got in for spring 2018 applied around summer-fall 2016. I applied in november 2016 and seems like too many people applied in october 2016 so not in for spring 2018. Hope that helps.
  9. by   mimili20
    I just received a phone call this morning and I'm in for spring. That is crazy there were 79 people in front of me! But so excited see you at orientation!
  10. by   ahlayzaa17
    The last few days of Aug is when I got the call from the office.
    Seems like people were not coming thru with accepting their admission invite so I got the last few spot.
    I went ahead to the office and picked up the invite saying that I made it in spring 2018.
    yet when I saw there will be mandatory orientation on Oct. 11, it made decision more difficult to accept.
    That week I won't be in the country because regarding of my grandmas health, this trip has been plans months ago.

    So I alarmed them about my situation talked to angel then I talked to the director.
    After all the talking and begging that if its possible even though i won't make it in the mandatory orientation and still be able to continue with the admission.
    I was still denied and gave me alternatives.
    So I have a few days to decide if should I stay and be present in the orientation or fly out of the country and just skip this semester and go in fall 2018.
    This has been such a big stressor, my parents has been in my back about when am I getting accepted to the program.
    Now I have this chance, should I let go of it or should I stay.
    *Sorry about this little rant.*
    I hope to talk to y'all soon!
  11. by   sunflower18
    Anybody know how long the cpr and fire safety class last? Is it an all day thing?
  12. by   chargenurse82
    I'm not sure. I took mine elsewhere and it was over 4 hours.
  13. by   styllista82
    I applied on waitlist since September 2017, and I also haven't receive anything yet. I am dying to know what number am I now on the waitlist. I'm hoping to be in the program in the Fall 2018. by the way, maybe you'll be in the program fall 2018. Good luck!