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Has anyone been accepted to lattc' s spring 2018 RN program?... Read More

  1. by   jessiehbrown
    Great! So if anyone receives the letter, please share! Again, we worked so hard to get to this point, I hope all of us will start in Spring 2018 ^.^
  2. by   chargenurse82
    you applied before me. we should be entering together.
  3. by   mimili20
    Yes, I think we all gonna get in! Can't wait!!! Lattc is not my favorite campus so I'm still applying to other schools for spring 2018. Harbor and pierce are my top 2! Btw at lattc we start in winter 2018 not spring. We take pharmacology and introduction to nursing in the winter.
  4. by   chargenurse82
    Thanks for the info.
  5. by   jessiehbrown
    Hi chargnurse82 and mimili20!

    I am very upset because my family after me about the letter from nursing dept. Not only my family but also everybody from mother side, everybody from father side.... they said I am too soft and never speak up for myself.... Please give me your advice if I should contact nursing office again or wait till the end of August! I am with all of you so I know the process. I try to be active (working) while waiting for the program starts but they still get into my case deeply. Sorry to bother you guys!!
  6. by   chargenurse82
    all you have to do is call and with your nicest voice ask if they can check you status after that, politely ask if they know when the letters will be mailed out.
  7. by   jessiehbrown
    @chargenurse82, Thank you so much for your advice!
  8. by   jessiehbrown
    I called the office for a few times but nobody answers. I guess they closed today because yesterday was the final for summer classes. School will be closed for a week till August 28th.
  9. by   mimili20
    I remember calling them a few times in March and no one picked up. You lucky someone responded. If they are close til the 28th I guess the letters 'll be mailed out after that date. Jessiebrown, don't worry for sure u ll receive the letter.
  10. by   jessiehbrown
    Hello chargenurse80 and mimili20!

    I sent PM to both of you. Please check your msm, thanks!
  11. by   sunflower18
    I found out I will be starting spring 2018! Still waiting on the acceptance letter this month! Hopefully it comes soon!
  12. by   misty97
    Hey there! Im currently on their program. I am to be class of Spring 2018!! Yay for me
    i applied to the program on Spring 2016 so that was my "application semester" didnt count towards the waiting period, then Fall 2016 was my first official waiting semester. I got accepted into the Spring 2017 cohort
    so I guess I could say I only waited a semester..
    my friend who applied 3 days later than me tho didnt got accepted into my cohort and got delayed for another whole semester so it all depends
  13. by   chargenurse82
    Congrats, you are almost done. Thanks for the information. Was the program difficult? Did you work while you were in the program?