1. Did anyone apply to the Nursing Program from march 2017 - July 2017? We should be getting emails back now for acceptance for fall 2018
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  3. by   Desiree suarez
    Hello! I applied August 24rd 2017 and I got a letter for acceptance into the fall 2018 cohort! If you got accepted too congratulations hope to meet you soon!
  4. by   lilscholar
    congrats for you! I got onto the list June 16, 2017, but have not received my letter yet! Im expecting one soon. When did you get yours?
  5. by   Desiree suarez
    I never got an email I got a phone call from my counselor and she told me that I got accepted into the fall 2018 program this happened on Thursday and then on Friday I went to pick up my acceptance letter but just FYI I kept on calling and emailing at least twice a month every month since I was put on the waitlist
  6. by   lilscholar
    turns out im an alternate! So i'll see you april 16 for the BLS course! do you know what hospitals we do our clinicals at?
  7. by   Desiree suarez
    That is so awesome nice to meet you I hope I get to meet you at the BLS on April 16th I don't know my way around the school or even the area I live in San Gabriel Valley so I really hope I don't get lost on my way LOL Anyway I don't know where we are going to have our clinicals but I really hope it's at USC LAC Hospital
  8. by   lilscholar
    HEY! I live in the SGV too. Did my Pre reqs at ELAC. According to some older group chats, it's called Exodus? Maybe it changed? We'll find out soon! I was thinking about making a group on FB. whatchu think?
  9. by   slyvalleygrl
    Congrats to you ladies! I'm hoping to be called for spring 2019. I applied in November last year. To answer your question Exodus is where you do your psych clinicals. They also do clinicals at California hospital and a few other places I can't remember. They told us at the nursing info session before we applied. SGV to downtown is a big commute! You wanna give yourself plenty of time. And the campus is easy to get around and all the nursing classes are in magnolia hall. Good Luck!
  10. by   Desiree suarez
    Well I don't have a Facebook so I can't really reply on that but that would be cool maybe you can get to know more people that are going to be in the same program as us also that's pretty cool that you did your prereqs at elac I went to Mount Sac I live really close to Mount Sac like down the street I'm going to just buy that fast pass stuff on the freeway LOL so I can get there fast anyway thank you for the advice, do you know how long the CPR class will be on the 16th by the way?
  11. by   Desiree suarez
    I hope you get in very fast I'm sure you will be in by Spring 2019 I only waited 7 months just be persistent and keep on calling even if it gets annoying that works for me LOL
  12. by   Dream2bnRN
    Hey guys! Congratulations to you all, I too will be starting the program in Fall 2018. I rarely use my FB account but I guess if you guys did set up something there I'd like to be a part of that.
  13. by   Desiree suarez
    So nice to meet you! Congrats on the acceptance!! I will see you all on April16th do you know how long the CPR class will be?
  14. by   Dream2bnRN
    Thank you! I have no idea on how long it'll take. Wish they'd provide that information But I guess it doesn't matter because we'll be there until it's over to save our spot.