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Hello everyone! I too have a question about which school to go to. I have been accepted to Los Angeles County School of Nursing for Fall enrollment. El Camino just notified me and wants me... Read More

  1. by   cabo2341
    Hi VeniceCa,
    I applied to LA County for Spring of 2009 and i'm scheduled to take the Entrace Exam in October.....any suggestions for a study guide? Thanks :bowingpur
  2. by   jagsterr
    This is so interesting because I just applied to ECC (10 minutes away) and all the counselors responded immediately - they told me that they do not have a waiting list for Fall... hum, and the enrollment office told me that they have a 2 or 3 semester wait. L.A. is so impacted I can't imagine them not having a waiting listing, especially after telling so many students that they made a mistake. That's really awful and I'm sorry that happened to you all. It's heartbreaking.

    But hearing about County in such a bright light makes me think twice about it. Initiall I wasn't interested because they are fairly new, about 45 min to an hour away and the names sounds like jail, but who cares, as long as you get a good education with a high probability of passing the NCEX test. What's the cost there does anyone know?
  3. by   MacBaba
    Hi Jagsterr,

    I was very disappointed when someone made a mistake in the office @ ECC about my being to start last Fall '08. Oh well ... mistakes happen. Eventually they did notify me in writing that I could start in the Spring of 09' (as opposed to my guaranteed start date of Fall '09). However by that time I was over half way thru my first semester at County. So I now am in my 2nd semester @ County and overall I'm very happy their. Yes the commute is longer ... but in the early morning there is little traffic 1/2 for me from LAX area. They say the County clinicals are the best and though I have nothing to compare it to ... I am learning alot ... quite the variety of pt's. The new County hospital is very modern and rivals any others ... I got right in to County. Applied in January - took test, got accepted by Spring and started in the Fall. Yes , they do have a high NCLEX pass rate and the cost is approx. $2400 a semester but if you agree to work for them for two years it's $700 a semester. Good luck. Look forward to hearing from you.

    BTW- Did you take Dosing Calculation and/or Pharm yet? If you have some time while waiting to be admitted to a program ... I highly recommend you take those two classes. I took them last Summer @ Southwest College at the recommendation of a RN student and it was some of the BEST advise I've ever received.
  4. by   jagsterr
    Thanks MacBaba,
    I am so sorry to hear that ECC made that mistake - it's really almost unforgivable because people plan around it. As for me, I don't know what I would do since I am living off my savings till I finish. I still have one more prerequesite (chemistry). I'll be finished with physiology in two weeks and I can't wait.

    I really appreciate your point of view on your experience with County and it's good to know that they will reduce the cost if you work with them - that is a fantastic trade off, especially since the clinicals are some of the best.

    What is your typical week like? How much book work, and how much clinical. When you get to RN are the classes as intense and info packed like the prerequisite science classes? Do people work while going to nursing school or is that impossible? I'm just trying to guage because the load of information these science classes are giving me are buring me out. My physio class is 6 hours a night M-T for five weeks - very intense.
    Thanks, Jag
  5. by   MacBaba
    Physio in 5 weeks ... wow ... you are brave ... but it pays off to just get going with your application process. Keep your notes handy ... RN theory classes have alot of Physio in them.

    BTW - County doesn't require Chemistry so you can apply as soon as you finish Physio.

    More Later,

    Da Mac
  6. by   jagsterr
    I just check with County, and they take about 60 to 120 students and they have 400 applicants. You could be on the waiting list for ever because they keep taking the top points. This is what the person on the phone said. I guess that's out for me.
  7. by   MacBaba
    Jag - Sounds so disappointing.

    So, of course you are going to apply anyway ... right? Just keep on with your prereq's and when you are done take classes that will work towards your Bachelors ... (Chemistry, Philos 6, etc.more math the better - you'll have to take Stat if you want a BA) and stay up on your Physio because nursing has alot of Physio in it. Apply everywhere you can. Just keep going and don't give up. You'll get in somewhere. If the time REALLY gets drawn out - perhaps train as a CNA or EMT. There are alot of people who are already in the field who transfer to RN and they have experience and a comfort level in the hospital that I did not have. Maybe you already have that training??? Stay in the mix and take whatever classes you can in the mean time.

    There are lots of people in your shoes ... and they get in. Hang in there.

    Anyone else on the thread have suggestions????

  8. by   jagsterr
    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I am applying nonetheless and taking the tests each school requires for entrance. That will at least let me know if I am up to their requirements. I do have a BS in Sociology so some of those classes credits will be useable, like the stats you mentioned and lots of math as I also have an AA in Accounting. ECC the other college I was also applying to NOW as of this week posted on their website that there is a 1 to 3 semester wait. I just saw a counselor 10 days ago and she said there is no wait list. Hum - things change.
  9. by   MacBaba
    Wow ... you are way ahead of the game. Yeh ... well, I heard the same story from the counselor and then the 'real deal' from the admissions office. Admissions ended up being correct. Anyway ... keep on!

  10. by   dcel
    Anyone who was accepted into LA County could you share what your grades were like? I just applied and am wondering what my chances are of getting in. I would REALLY appreciate it!
  11. by   MacBaba
    Everyone who got into County did not have a high GPA like I did. I know that for a fact. County goes on a point system. Do you know about that? I think you did mention it??? The more classes you have with the highest grades ... the more points ... the better you do on the entrance exam ... the more points ... I believe you can get points for working in a hospital or volunteering ....

    They are very straight forward at County. Call them and ask them what to do.

    I hope this was helpful.

  12. by   jagsterr
    I know I'm jumping in on a conversation, however I called County and the gal said they take in, I think if I recall correctly 75is students from about 400 applications. So I think your high grades is what got you in the door. That consultant said that if the next set of applicants have higher points they will go first leaving me on the list till whenever. So points, which is mostly GPA does count a lot I believe.
  13. by   dcel
    Thanks for the response. As long as I pass the entrance test on the 1st try I will have 90 points out of a possible 102, so do you think my chances of getting in are pretty good? I just don't want to have to wait for the city colleges with the lottery. Thanks