L&D / Postpartum Job Hunt

  1. Hey friends! So I worked as an L&D/Postpartum nurse for a little over a year outside of CA and then moved back here thinking my year of experience would be enough to get hired... So far that's not the case. Even though job listings say "minimum experience 1 year" it seems like they're looking for more. It seems like I get passed over quickly and then never get any feedback. It's not an option to move again so I was wondering if anyone has advice for me on how to stand out or what I can do to get my foot in the door somewhere. I really love L&D/Postpartum; I miss it and I'm so desperate to get back in the game!

    If this needs to be moved to OB/GYN specialty I understand, just thought I'd reach out to the CA group first because I think we've ALL experienced the difficulty in getting hired here as new grads and as experienced nurses!

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  3. by   Meriwhen
    I know little about L&D--and this is by my choice But are there any certifications/trainings/classes that you could take to help your stand out? I know there's something called NRP, which is like ACLS for neonates. Have you taken that already?

    Also, if you're a member of any professional organizations, find their local chapter and start networking. Sometimes knowing someone makes all the difference.