Is Unitek College Good Or Bad?

  1. Is unitek a good college to study in? Does it meet the hours criteria that hospitals require in order to hire a new employee? Is Unitek accredited by the state? How many people who pass out of unitek get hired in acute care facilities? Is it worth spending lots of money to persue LVN from Unitek or are there other colleges that finish the program in less time, between time and money, time is important to me . I would appreciate any information you can provide me about LVN program through unitek college and other colleges. what is the fastest way to finish RN?
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    ...yeah sure why not
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    I am trying to find more information about Unitek myself. As for becoming a RN the quickest, becoming a LVN will probably slow your process. You can become a LVN in as little as 9 months (depending on where you go) but you have to be working as a LVN for over a year before you can apply to a LVN-RN bridge program (and this applies to most if not all bridge programs). Most people become LVN's because the programs are cheaper (mostly. and schooling is quicker) than most RN programs+schooling and you can get work experience and save up money before an RN program. I personally think Unitek would be O.K. to go to because I just checked and %91 of students from their Fremont,Ca campus pass the NCLEX-PN; and that is a BIG thing to look for when choosing schools and avoiding hassle. Good luck and I Hope I have helped.