Info on SNF/LTC?

  1. Thank you in advance! I'd like to change directions in my nursing career. I have 2 years experience in psych nursing, but I find that truly unsatisfying; I've done other types of non-clinical nursing for about 14 years. Of course, acute medical facilities won't touch me as I've been off the floor for so long, and in spite of refreshera course, good interviews, etc., no one is hiring new grads or the likes of me.

    I've never worked SNF/LTC. Thirty years ago, my mother was a DON of a SNF, it literally killed her with stress. The few RN's I've talked to who have SNF experience have only bad things to say about it.

    I'd like to hear from a more diverse crowd! I've worked geriatric psych, found the geriatric part rewarding. Can you good folks give me the low down on SNF/LTC in central and northern California??? I want to hear the good and the bad!

    Thank you so much!
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