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So I just so happen to call AVC and they tell me "your number 37, and starting in spring!" OMG! So instead of fall 2013....I'm going to start Spring 2013!! I'm so excited!! Anyone else starting... Read More

  1. by   vxnbrit
    Has anyone been able to access the ADN resource manual that we're suppose to bring to orientation? I know they say it'll be in the files section when we click on the course but so far no files have shown up for me.
  2. by   Mrs.Lily
    Vxnbrit I'm trying to do the same and no luck. Looks like they haven't put it up.
  3. by   AmylouC
    Woohoo!! After dealing with a bunch of nonsense with HDMG for well over a month, I'm finally registered!! See you guys in less than a month!! I am so excited!!
  4. by   nbryant18
    It was emailed to me by ------------- she sent it out to all accepted students and attached the ADN resource manual for students who have yet to register. The manual is 172 pages long and has many pages to sign, I'm not sure if we have to print out the entire thing. I am excited to meet all of you next Wednesday!
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  5. by   vonjo27
    @ nbryant18 -I called the office and asked about printing the manual. ------------ said you could bring a laptop, but doesn't know if any outlets are available. The orientation is from 8-1pm- I might just print it out.
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  6. by   GIGI_XD
    Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you all that have finally been accepted into the Nursing Program. I am currently #93 on the Antelope Valley College Nursing Program Waiting list. Hopefully I will be finally starting the program by Spring 2014 It truly seems a long wait, but hey is much closer than before. LOL!!!!!!
  7. by   Ms1908
    Does anyone know that stats that they typically accept? I believe I will be earning a B in both Micro and Physio this semester. Should I even apply?
  8. by   LaloMartinez
    that's encouraging to read; i'm currently #196 on the waiting list.
  9. by   LaloMartinez
    i'm #196 right now. I'm planning to work during school, a max of 24 hours per week. I'm a resp. therapist at AV Hospital in Lancaster, CA, where the ADN students do their clinicals. I'm also familiar with PRMC, but I don't like that hospital all too much.
  10. by   LaloMartinez
    Now #124... I think I'm in in less than 3 semesters....