Hi! Seeking pre-nursing guidance and/or mentor...

  1. Hi everyone,

    I will start a cna course with arc long beach, ca next month in hopes of initiating a path for a career in nursing.

    For some time, I have been reading nursing blogs, threads, etc and find myself overwhelmed by the amount of (contradictory) information posted. I currently hold a bs in finance but am confused by which path to pursue on my way to becoming an rn: asbn? elm? or bridge over from the way bottom? I've yet to do the pre-req's.

    I am wondering if anyone (in the carson, ca surrounding area) who has walked this path before me could offer some insight or mentor me along the way? I am more of a visual person and work better hands on. If so, you can also email me at Gissie09@aol.com. I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you and God bless.

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  3. by   perioddrama
    Aye, it is true there are a myriad entry paths. It really depends on your finances, your grades, how you rank, how much time you want to put in to the program, how long you are willing to wait, etc. etc.

    Just know, as of right now, new grad RNs are having a very, very hard time finding their first paid RN job. This may change in a few years, it may not. So, do go in to nursing school with your eyes open.

    All the best on your future path!