Help!! Need Cpne 'study Buddy'-oakland/berkeley,ca -bay Area

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    I'm a LVN in the Excelsior RN program... I took an passed all 8 RN exams and took the CPNE in Long Beach 1 1/2 years ago, and didn't make it--it was horrible,horrible..[they have since closed down the site as there were tons of complaints with the testing]. Anyway, I want to 'try it one more time', and would like a 'study buddie' to do this with, and to go to Tina's 4 day workshop in San Jose, and then take the exam together in Racine,Wisconsin--sharing Hotel expenses,and having someone to study with/give morale support/'stay strong mode' with...[I won't take my husband again,because as sweet as he is, he's a 'worrier'..not needed at this time!!].. Is anyone studying for the CPNE in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to 'pair up' ?...[or does anyone know of a friend/relative in this area,that I could contact??}
    Would GREATLY APPRECIATE any leads.... thanks, judy
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