Glendale Adventist student RN summer internship 2012

  1. Has anyone applied for Glendale Adventist Summer internship for student RN's?
    Has anyone heard back from Glendale Adventist yet?
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  3. by   Sunglitz56
    I applied. I am doing my clinical rotations for Glendale Adventist right now. One of the directors came and talked with our class 2 days ago and said they are starting to contact the applicants! Fingers crossed.
  4. by   five10fevr
    Thank You so much. No one that I have talked to has recieved a call yet. Fingers Crossed we get a call really soon.
  5. by   ShanniY, RN
    Thanks Sunglitz56! I was getting worried too. Because the job has been posted for awhile and I wasn't sure if they were serious about hiring anyone since I didn't get any call or email. Hopefully it works out! Good luck y'all!
  6. by   CA SRN
    I also applied and I made it through all of the interviews. I'm still waiting to hear back as to whether I was accepted or not. It should be any day now. Good luck to all of you!
  7. by   five10fevr
    CA SRN
    What department where you applying for?
    That is great you have made it through all the interviews. When did they contact you first?
    I still havent heard anything back.
  8. by   bypar001
    I just got a call today from them.
  9. by   five10fevr
    Thats great news. Was it just a phone interview or did they schedule an interview with you. Did they tell you what department it was for.
  10. by   bypar001
    I had a one on one interview with the critical care director. Then I received a call the next week from HR regarding the status of the application.
  11. by   five10fevr
    Thanks for the update. May I ask if you got the job?
    I got impatient and called today for status of my application, they stated I was still Active in their system and asked what department I was interested in.
  12. by   bypar001
    Unofficially I got position for ICU. You're not impatient you just want the position, keep checking back with them regarding your status.
  13. by   five10fevr
    Thats great. When I called they asked what department like I mentioned before. I stated ICU too but I will take any position. My friend got L&D. She is the only one we know from our school that received a call. Have you heard of others from your school?
  14. by   Scooby-Dooby-Doo
    Does anyone know when they'll have it posted for 2013? when and where did you go? what were the requirements?