For graduates/students from Loma Linda University?

  1. Hello! I am currently on my last semester for taking pre reqs for the RN associate program at my community college(rcc). I am interested in Loma Linda's BSN program primarily because of its excellent reputation, but also because it's only 40mins for where I live in San Jacinto. However, because its a private university, I was wondering if I can receive financial aid to cover all of my tuition? I know that if I go to a cal state or UC or stay in community college, I will get covered. If I have to get huge amounts of loans, I'm probably thinking of staying at RCC and getting my RN license there. Therefore my question to current students and graduates from LLU, are did financial aid cover all of your costs? Will living at home save me some money? Also how was your experience in the BSN program? Any feedback would be greatly appericated! thank you!
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