Finding funds for my studies

  1. Hi All:
    Finally decided to move on to Nursing for a thousands of good reasons (at
    least I think so...). I had been accepted for BS->BSN program in Kramer
    School of Nursing, in Oklohoma from Jan 2007.

    Now, my question is about the funding for my studies. I have heard that I
    could get the tution fee paid if I promise to work for a hospital after my
    graduation or of similar nature here in California or any other state. Does
    anyone has information about such programs ? I would really appreciate your

    Looking at the tution and other fees, the total cost for my BSN would come
    to 45,950 plus living cost in OK. It would be great if I could get full grant
    but if that is a little bit of stretch, any partial help would be nice.

    Thanks a lot for your help.
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  3. by   nepsys
    Looks like everybody is tired of my questions and worries. Sorry to bother you guys...Have a great weekend !!