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  1. by   futnursep
    Nope. I even sent ------------- an email today but no answer so far.
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  2. by   futnursep
    Any news?
  3. by   futnursep
    I just went to the school to speak to R... and she is sad that the whole administration of the metro campus is changed and the administration for the nursing program is changed also. She said that she hasn't called any new students yet and that she is waiting a final answer from the administration that has the deadline of tomorrow. And that she will be making the phone calls Friday tomorrow and Saturday. And that the program is this still going to start on Monday.
  4. by   Kclay
    futnursep, thanks for the update. I was thinking of going by there later today but I guess I won't now. Thanks for the post. I'm sure I'll see you Monday.
  5. by   Kclay
    So are you starting on Monday? Did you get a call from them? I never did.
  6. by   futnursep
    I got a call Thursday afternoon from admitting. The lady said I've been accepted however they r postponing the start till they confirm more clinical sites. Then I talked to my friend that is in the program right now, and he said that the school told the students that the start was being postponed till march.
  7. by   Stha42

    I also received a call about the delay. The whole thing sounds sketchy and unethical to me. I called them today to ask about when the start might be for the Januaury cohort and they told me that they're still waiting for word on a start date. If not then they would start in July.
  8. by   Kclay
    From what I've gathered, they are not starting a program due to the lack of established clinical sites and the uncertainty that lies in the upcoming months. Everest's parent company, Corinthian Colleges, is selling all campuses except in California. The state is barring any new buyers for the CA campuses. I'm sure this is what is keeping them from starting any new programs or enrolling any new students. I have also heard from a few people in the current program who have had major problems at their clinical sites and Everest has can't seem to land any clinical sites other than skilled nursing facilities or convalescent hospitals/homes.

    I guess the writing is on the walls.

    Interesting article, Corinthian Colleges Campuses In California Will Likely Be Shut Down - BuzzFeed News I hope the link works.

    Bummer, I know a few people who have come from this program and it has great potential. I hope some company can buy out the program and campus it self.

    Good luck to everyone who has been applying and hoping to get in.
  9. by   Kclay
    I hope I'm wrong.
  10. by   futnursep
    Here is what I know: mid December everest metro cchanged their whole administration, both from the college and the nursing program. When directors r not directors anymore the school looses their clinical sites. Usually the clinical sites r places that the directors have hot contacts in.. for example a place they ve worked before.
    I am not sure if it is a routine thing or this just happened because of the whole Corinthian situation, last wk everest had a meeting w the BRN and they had to approve for a new class to begin, and they were the ones that blocked it, because of clinical sites.
    now they have a new court date for March to see if it gets approved again. If the BRN approves it then the program would start in March. They already have 2 new clinical sites being approved, so they feel confident that they r gonna get the okay they need in march.
  11. by   Stha42
    Has anyone heard anything yet? I called again and they told me that the jan cohort will proabably start in july. I wonder which cohort will they choose. The one that they missed in January or the July?
  12. by   beautiifulnurse
    I am new to this site, I have been reading this forum for a while. I was wondering if anyone who was previously in my shoes before can help. I just took the Hesi A2 this week, Im scheduled for an interview next week. I am so nervous but I want this so bad, can anyone please tell me how the interview is? and what the essay is about?
  13. by   MKO-LVN
    I took the test on Tuesday. I have an interview this coming week too. I'm nervous but excited. I would love some advice too.