East La Occupational center LVN?

  1. Hello everyone i am new to this site but i wanted to see if anyone could help me out. I am currently looking into various LVN programs in the Los Angeles area. Before i jump into a student loan i had heard rumors that the east la occupational center was going to start their lvn program again is there any truth to this? i know it would be a lot more affordable to go there instead of a private college. My first choice in private schools right now is Marian college any graduates out there? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  3. by   rosie1017
    and about the occupational center starting there new program have you heard anything. and also if they were to offer it do u know the price
  4. by   Jz562
    Hi there. Yes I actually hurd that too and it is true that they are. They will not be giving out that information until after August 1 tho. The price I'm not sure they said around 5grand. I will let you knw anything else wheni get the compleat info