difficulty of admission to CSU programs

  1. Hi I am a pre nursing student at Humbldt St. University. I am wondering about the difficulty of admission to other CSUs and CCs nursing programs. Thanx
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  3. by   puresass
    as far as san diego goes, the CCs are all impacted with 2-3 year waiting lists after pre-reqs are done & SDSU (even though it's not in the CSU system) is impacted as well & super difficult to get into.
  4. by   Testa Rosa, RN
    According to a recent advising session, CSU East Bay average accepted GPA last year was around 3.6 with a average composite TEAS score of around 80.

    EastBay ranks all applicants on a points system: 50 points for GPA, 40 for TEAS, 5 for second language, 5 for working in the industry. Unfortunately, they don't give points for volunteer work and I have lots of time in at the local hospital that won't count as part of East Bay's point ranking system; Yet, it would add value to my application at other CSU schools.

    CSU East Bay is a very impacted/competitive program as is all the programs around here. There are not a lot of nursing program seats within the SF/Bay Area period.

    However, my lab partner made it in with less than the average (she didn't say specifically, but I suspect it was closer to 3.3 territory than 3.6 territory just based the grades she recieved in classes we had together). She did very well on the TEAS, with a composite score of 85% (which means she was in the 90th percentile for program once the numbers get all curved and adjusted up). She also got extra points for speaking Farsi.

    It helps that CSU East Bay recently expanded their nursing program onto their underutilized Concord Campus (what a great idea that was, someone did good work there), so applicants high on the points list get a choice between Concord or Hayward.

    Some good news to share is that my friend is really enjoying nursing school and doing a lot better than when we were banging out our pre-reqs together. She's a practical sort and does better with theory and application than with rote memorization of a huge amount of information and complex chem equations. She assures me that while nursing is a challenging course of study, I will still have a family life. And, that it's more "fun" than the pre-reqs were. That it all makes more sense to her (she was the sort who got A's in anatomy and physio, but C's and B's in inorganic/organic chem).

    Also, at CSU East Bay as in all the CSU nursing programs, it all depends on the applicant pool any given year when the cut off is. You could get lucky and during your application season have a lot of B and C students with less than average TEAS scores applying the same time as you.

    That's what I'm hoping for this year. I have my application in for Fall '07 and am saying my prayers. Waiting to hear good news come May, and if not, I'll just retake some old classes and reapply.

    Good Luck! B
  5. by   rcs16
    thank u for your help =)