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  1. by   Spiffyness
    Good luck to you too! What grade do you have right now and what class will you have in progress for the spring?
  2. by   CluelessNursingGuy
    I'm taking anatomy next spring. I barely have an A- in micro right now (not counting all the EC, lab and lecture final, disease presentation, unknown project #2, and final assignment). So I'm nervous, even though I heard he will curve the grades at the end.

    Even with a B in micro, based on your stats, you should definitely be a shoe in next for the fall.
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  3. by   Spiffyness
    Oh I see. I have around the same grade too. Taking the lab final tomorrow, pretty nervous! That would be good if he curved the final grades. Have you taken the TEAS exam yet?
  4. by   CluelessNursingGuy
    When do you have lab?

    And no I haven't, I'll take it in January.
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  5. by   Spiffyness
    At 5. You?
    Are you only planning to apply to CSULB?
  6. by   CluelessNursingGuy
    Aww I thought it would have been cool if we had lab together and just didn't know it. I have my lab at 2, so right before yours. Shouldn't we be studying right now? xD

    Yes, I'm only applying to CSULB. I know it'll be a long shot for me to get in, especially with an in-progress course, but since we have two tries, I might as well try.
  7. by   Spiffyness
    That's what I was thinking haha, although that would be kind of weird lol!
    Yes, we should be studying but I'm distracted!

    Well who knows, supposedly this semester CSULB students had more priority over transfer students so you might a have chance if that happens again for fall 2012 semester. Although you would have to do really good on your TEAS exam
  8. by   CluelessNursingGuy
    I know a couple people in your lab though. :P

    Yeah my head hurts from studying. There is too much information. I'm just re-reading my notes over and over. How are you studying?

    Yeah, I need an A in micro and 90%+ on the TEAS just to score around 9.3.
  9. by   Spiffyness
    I only know one person in yours. Well I recognize others from chem140 that leave from the lab before me, maybe you're one of them haha!

    I'm rereading my notes and reviewing the 2nd exam. I wish I did that for the first exam.

    A 90%+ on the TEAS isn't impossible, but it is kind of weird how they score it. Total I got 137/150 questions right which is a 91.3% raw score, but they curve it to the difficulty of the test so I got a 88.7%, lame. Theres a good amount of anatomy/physio on it though. I actually scored highest in the science section. And there were a few things from microbio on it, like reading the genetic code chart, prokaryote/eukaryote and genotype/phenotype stuff. A 9.3 with a course in progress is a good score though. Close to mine if I get a B in micro. I'm retaking the TEAS next friday at csulb hopefully I can get a 90%+
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  10. by   CluelessNursingGuy
    Haha did your instructor know you took pics of the exam? It should be helpful though.

    I heard they don't reuse questions, but will test on the same concepts and obviously, there will be lots of questions on the new information (ELISA, enterotube, and bactercult).

    Wow, a 137/150 is 88%. That does suck that it's weighted! Good luck on taking it again. I honestly think you have a competitive score, but if you can score higher, go for it! I'm glad I have the winter break to study for the TEAS, especially since I haven't taken anatomy yet.
  11. by   Spiffyness
    I'm pretty sure he saw me and other people doing that, don't think he really cared. The new info isn't that hard, I'm more worried about remembering stuff from exam 1.

    That is good that you have winter break to study for it, I only had a week before the TEAS to study and I remember it was the week that we had the first lab exam so I was even more stressed.
  12. by   CluelessNursingGuy
    Yeah your instructor seems really laid-back, but too bad I have the best one.

    I need to study up on ELISA. It still confuses me, especially interpreting the graphs. I'm worried about information on exam #1 as well. I forgot a lot of it.

    At least you'll be retaking the TEAS at the end of finals week and then you can enjoy your break.
  13. by   Spiffyness
    Haha, I wouldn't doubt it. Nothing against my lab instructor though :P
    Hmm I haven't gotten to reviewing the ELISA yet. Still studying the first exam notes. Do you happen to remember the stain used for fungi? Or is it just wet mount preparation?