CSULB EL-MSN Fall 2010 Applicants

  1. Hello,

    The application for CSULB EL-MSN Fall 2010 is due Friday April 2nd! Get your stuff in! Has anybody that has submitted already, gotten a confirmation back or heard anything. I submitted the first week in March and nothing for me yet. I hear there will be an interview for the first time this year. Goodluck everyone!! I got impatient waiting for someone to start a thread for us applicants...so I just did it
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  3. by   BlueM00N
    I just turned in my application on Friday when I went to take the TEAS.
    I'm trying to guess how competive or noncompetive my application is.

    Does anyone know what the scoring cutoff was for 2009. Someone posted that it was 8.5 a few years back.

    Does anyone know how "in-progress" courses are treated in scoring? In scoring calculations, are they omitted or are they treated as a "C"?
  4. by   KRomney
    Hey Aeronat I submitted my application on March 15th and have yet to hear anything! However I re-took the TEAS last week and the admissions coordinator said there will be no interviews this year because the faculty is too exhausted. She also said she hopes decisions are made for us by the end of April. Hear anything from

    BlueMoon, they are counted as a C until you update the grade!

    Good luck everyone!
  5. by   BlueM00N
    Thanks KRomney!

    What a bummer! My current 4.0 science GPA will be calculated as 3.4 with the in-progress Chem class and Science is weighted 40%. Oh well! It is what it is.
  6. by   KRomney
    Awww Bluemoon that is a drag, but
    hopefully they will take note of
    the fact that you have A's in all the other science courses! You can also make up the points in other areas as well! The admissions counsler said the applications she had
    receieved were very competitive and last year the lowest amount of points was 8.86!!! Send in that grade as soon as you can, I'm sure you'll
    be ok!!!
  7. by   BlueM00N
    Thanks KRomney! You are so resourceful.

    I calculated my own score:

    Science GPA = 3.412
    Gen Ed GPA = 1.714
    TEAS Total = 1.848
    TEAS Math = 1.866
    Total score 8.840

    -0.020 shy of last year's 8.86 threshold. Crossing fingers this year's cutoff is lower than last year.
  8. by   AeroNat13
    No interviews, that's great news...because I'm exhausted too. I think they exhausted themselves by interviewing over 100 people during March for the BSN program. If we went first then they would probably do it I'm guessing. There must be so many applicants for the EL-MSN program this year, has anyone asked how many by any chance, it would be interesting to know. Hopefully we will get to know before May 1st!

    Hey KRomney...how are you? Still holding up? I definitely haven't heard anything from CSUF. Can't believe this will all be over in a month. I'm still trying to keep it all together, but so much is riding on these decisions and August doesn't feel that far away.
  9. by   AeroNat13
    I heard 8.86 also, I think they told us at an info session a while back that it was last years cutoff.
  10. by   KRomney
    Yeah, I don't have a clue as to how many people applied this year, however she did say right before we took our TEAS test that that was the lowest amount of points of accepted students but she said a lot of people denied them and around 15 students got in with mediocre grades! I guess it all depends on the applicant pool!

    Yeah, I haven't heard from CSUF and i'm pretty nervous about it.

    BlueMoon, I think you'll be fine! You have a good amount of points but i'm not in admissions haha so good luck!
  11. by   BlueM00N
    CHECK YOUR E-MAIL!!! I've been accepted!!

    The deadline date for accepting fall 2010 admission is April 23, 2010.

    Fall semester classes will begin August 21, 2010 and a mandatory EL-MSN student orientation will be scheduled prior to the start of fall semester.
  12. by   KRomney
    BlueMoon yayyyy! Congrats!! Is this for CSUF not CSULB? I am on the waitlist for CSUF I hope I still have a chance.. Thanks for letting me know the deadline date for acceptance decisions! Are you planning on accepting?
  13. by   BlueM00N
    Probably not because I just got accepted to my first choice (CSUN Summer 2010 class), so hopefully you can have my CSUF spot. I'm still waiting on CSULB, but if I get in, I'll also decline.

    Quote from KRomney
    BlueMoon yayyyy! Congrats!! Is this for CSUF not CSULB? I am on the waitlist for CSUF I hope I still have a chance.. Thanks for letting me know the deadline date for acceptance decisions! Are you planning on accepting?
  14. by   KRomney
    Oh wow congrats on getting into CSUN I read somewhere that it was REALLY tough to get in there!