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  1. I currently attend a community college and wish to transfer to a pre-licensure nursing program, and was wondering what my chances would be in getting into the program at CSULA or CSULB. I haven't finished all my pre-reqs but I think my cumulative GPA (after completing all pre-reqs plus other courses) would be between 3.4 to 3.5 at most. I don't know what my pre-requisite GPA will be, but at best it would not be a 4.0 because I received a B in one five unit course. I have yet to take the ATI/TEA exam. Based purely on this information, do I have a chance of getting in? If my GPA is too low, what would I need to get on the ATI/TEA if it is possible to redeem my low GPA through that area?
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  3. by   salsaking
    I averaged a 3.0 in my science prereqs but since I got a C in anatomy CSULA wont accept me. I'm looking at 2-3 yr waits for CSULB
  4. by   mommy_xo
    it really depends on the group that applies. you can go on CSULB's website (under student info) and check out the averages from past students who applied. i currently am in the program, and i had a 4.0 for prereq general ed and a 3.0 for prereq sciences. i received a 93% for general TEAS and a 93% for TEAS math. i think those are the only 4 areas that receive points.