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I just got my acceptance letter to CSU Channel Islands Cottage Hospital BSN program at the Goleta Satellite Campus... Anyone else out there get one as well? I would love to talk to people about it... Read More

  1. by   BeachsideNic
    Any of you future Dolphins who live in the area...If you guys can keep an eye out for 1BR apartments in Isla Vista or Goleta, I would so greatly appreciate it! I'll be up there for the orientation and will take a look around, but it never hurts to have some extra pairs of eyes! I'm trying to keep it under or around $1000/month if possible...It's been a long time since I lived in Santa Barbara, and I know that rents have gone up! Relocating is challenging, but I am very excited to get back up there and start school!
  2. by   BeachsideNic
    Has anyone heard from the University about admissions? They told me I should be getting a letter this week from them, but wanted to see if anyone else has heard...
  3. by   futuresocalnurse805
    I'm already a student so I'm not sure. That's kinda weird u heard from nursing before admissions! Well I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. Can't wait til orientation!
  4. by   BeachsideNic
    Yeah...they had to reclassify my application as graduate, because I already have a bachelor's and they had me as an Undergraduate. They said not to worry, but I just want that acceptance in my hand before orientation and then I can relax and enjoy it..lol
  5. by   liv2srf
    I haven't heard yet either...but I'm assuming as long as you have everything done (which of course you do because of your bachelors!) you'll be fine. I highly doubt you'd get into a competitive nursing program and not the university offering it! Keep your eyes on the mailbox and don't worry
  6. by   BeachsideNic
    Thanx, Liv2srf,

    In fact, I spoke with the nursing coordinator today, and she said that it's not unusual to hear from the university later... She also said that they have a very close relationship with the admissions personnel and that nursing students get priority admission once accepted into the program. That made me feel good and she got me all pumped up about the program... We are really so fortunate to be pioneers in this new program. The individualized attention we are going to receive is unparalleled. She also reminded us that it's intense and we should be prepared to dedicate the next 2 1/2 years to a toooon of work. I have faith in all of us that we will all have a great experience and end up with amazing training and a great nursing career.... I can't wait until Orientation!!!
  7. by   futuresocalnurse805
    I've also talked to a few people in nursing department and I feel a big difference between them and other programs is that programs like VC and Moorpark won't hesitate to drop you if you're not keeping up but CI will do whatever they can to help you pull through and succeed! This makes me feel really hopeful because it is going to be very intense. Even though we don't have to worry about gen ed we will be carrying a heavy load and unlike the last cohort we don't get to ease into nursing classes. They're going to throw us in the deep end and we're going to sink or swim!
  8. by   BeachsideNic
    I agree... I get the feeling that the staff is extremely organized and have put a lot of care and thought into this program. Limiting it to only 23 people is telling us how much they care about us as opposed to other programs that pack the classrooms full of hundreds of nursing students just to get more money.

    When I applied to the Master's entry program at UCLA, I was treated like crap because I was older, and they were clearly discriminating against people who weren't in their 20's or early 30's. I even appealed their decision and got the most BS letter manipulating their statistics. CSUCI looked at me as a whole person and looked at my school history with a holistic point of view and selected me based on their faith in me. I'm truly honored and humbled to be a part of this new program.
  9. by   futuresocalnurse805
    I agree. I went into the nursing office to turn in my acceptance form because I wanted to hand it in personally and not worry that it got lost in the mail! ---- was there and when I told her my name she acted like she knew me and recalled specific things from my application! I was really impressed and happy to know that they took the time to review my info that closely and I wasn't just an application number!
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  10. by   BeachsideNic
    That's cool, but remember not to post names on here... it's against allnurses policy and they will scold you and edit your post... <3

    I too am very impressed about the process... I look forward to meeting everyone... I was accepted to two other programs, but I chose this one because of the personal nature and small size.
  11. by   futuresocalnurse805
    Oops! Have to be careful! What others did you get into?
  12. by   dianah
    Quote from BeachsideNic
    That's cool, but remember not to post names on here... it's against allnurses policy and they will scold you and edit your post... <3

    Awwww, c'mon!
    I didn't scold, only edited.

    Carry on.

    ---- dianah
  13. by   BeachsideNic
    Haha...you are the best, dianah...you catch everything! Have a great day!