critical care nursing training pograms in northern ca

  1. Hello all. I am currently living and working (tele unit) in the orange county area in southern cali and would like to explore life in the northern part of the state as well as transition to critical care. I am considering UCSF and Sta. Clara Valley Medical center (san jose) for their training programs. of course, I plan to do more in-depth research and visit some facilities later on but i thought I might as well throw this thread out there for any of you who've had actual experience working in these hospitals...or for maybe you can recommend other hospitals with good training programs...What about the kaisers in this area? ( I currently work in one right now, a transfer would be easier)...I am single with no plans of settling down permanently in one area yet, so I am very flexible in moving to any area in this part of the state...thanks so much in advance.
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