concorde students in san diego

  1. I would like to know is there anyone that attends or will be attending concorde college? If so, what do you know as far as the pros and cons of the nursing program? Are there any graduates out there working?

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  3. by   alilovex3
    I think I may attend this school if I pass the NET and IF I can get a loan large enough to pay for tuition and pay for my bills for the year since I would have to quit my full time job to attend the lvn program. They do not have a night program at the San Diego location. I was told by Leisa that I would start in September. They are trying to start a July class since so many people want in on the program now. The cost of the program is a little less than $28,000. A bit much, but its either that or wait a couple years at Southwestern College which I am not all that happy about. I have a problem cause I got myself into some credit trouble when I turned 18 and now my credit it blahhhh. And my parents are not willing to put their information on the FAFSA. I pay for everything on my own. So I may not even go there just because of the loan problem.

    Other than that, its a nice school. Not big at all, but it seems pretty legit.