Cheap NCLEX-RN Review Class in So.Cali?

  1. I posted this question in the General Forum but no luck. I'm looking for a Cheap
    NCLEX-RN review class in So.Cali. Community College based or Adult School based, Union based, Hospital based (that are welcome to outsiders). Kaplan is way too expensive for me yes, I know a lot of you testified that it was worth it. I know of a couple of places if anyone else can add to the list it will be greatly appreciated. I'm willing to travel but not too too faraway I'm leaning towards Riverside Community for now.

    1. SEIU (my LVN union has one in LA)
    2. Riverside Community
    3. Saddleback Hospital (but I think you have to work there and have your RN-IP)
    4. Galvan College (problem not in So.Cali)
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