Chamberlain Sacramento Spring Acceptance 2019

  1. Hello everyone! I want to reach out to everyone who applied to the Chamberlain Sacramento campus for spring 2019. I have already taken my HESI exams and submitted the required forms. My counselor stated that they would be deciding either yesterday or today on who would be accepted. They should be alerting everyone within the next couple weeks. I'm very anxious to find out. Let me know if they have contacted you! Good luck to everyone!
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  3. by   cbeat
    Just got off the phone with an advisor, briefly discussed my HESI scores and how all of my paperwork is turned in, and was informed of a committee meeting that will be taking place soon! Waiting for further information until then.
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  4. by   bear.e1
    I had a meeting with an advisor right after my second HESI exam (July 17th). I am still waiting on a call. I thought they already had their meeting last week! Oh well, I guess all we can do is wait. What was your HESI score and GPA?
  5. by   2019
    Just took the Hesi on Monday. They have multiple meetings from my understanding. They are meeting this week and again later in August.
  6. by   Binxie
    Is there a deadline to apply for Spring 2019? Where do you send your transcripts to?
  7. by   detroitbh
    havent heard anything at all yet. hoping for the news be this week maybe
  8. by   2019
    I was told that they are meeting August 24 and will be making calls the week after. Hopefully they stick to this! I'm getting anxious
  9. by   detroitbh
    Aw that makes sense! Will you be attending that meeting?
  10. by   2019
    Got the call today!
  11. by   mbrnbsn
    Did you get in?
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    Got the call today!
  12. by   mbrnbsn
    Did you get in?
  13. by   2019
    Yes! Anybody else?
  14. by   bear.e1
    Unfortunately, I didn't get into the Sac Campus. I was accepted into the Miramar though!