Chaffey College Fall 2012 - page 2

Hey there! Anyone appling to the program this fall? I am. I'm going the info session this Friday... Read More

  1. by   Mina E.
    Goodluck Karin_Zabel!!! I just finished the 1st semester at Chaffey. It was tough but doable. If you have any questions, send me a message!!
  2. by   villacortez
    Hey I begin on January too I bought the uniform and one of the shirts has buttons on the back is that the way its suppose to be?
  3. by   Mina E.
    Yup thats how its suppose to be. It should have 3buttons and a tie on the back.
  4. by   villacortez
    Yeah that's what I have. Thank you so much for responding I was so worried lol
  5. by   Mina E.
    Dont be worried. Which clinical site did you get?
  6. by   villacortez
    Also, would you recommend taking the elective (hs 500)

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