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    I am interested in living in California one day. I need to find out several things. If I attend an LPN/LVN program from the Distance Minnesota consortium ( can I transfer my MN lvn license to California? It appears I can but I am not sure if there are any technicalities. The Distance MN program is not accredited through NLN or CCNE. Now if I do manage to become an LVN in CA would I be able to enter an LVN to RN program in CA? Will the fact that the program does not have accreditation by these agencies affect entrance into a program such as St Mary's or West Coast U?I looked on several school websites and I can't figure this out...on Monday I will start calling schools but would love to hear responses to this. Thanks so much!
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  3. by   nursgirl
    I am a CA educated LVN and currently in an LVN-RN transition program. I am not sure about transferring without the accreditation, my advice would be to call the BVNPT and ask specific questions. I can tell you that CA BON seems to be pickier than alot of other states... so call and make sure!!!
    Good luck to you!
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    thanks i am going to call, i have noticed they are picky too